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리카수니 카페 : 네이버 카페

영어자료 공유를 목적으로 운영되는 카페입니다.



다음 글의 흐름상 어색한 문장은? [H1-1911 20]

 We tend to go long periods of time without reaching out to the people we know. Then, we suddenly take notice of the distance that has formed and we scramble to make repairs. We call people we haven't spoken to in ages, hoping that one small effort will erase the months and years of distance we've created. Therefore, this really works: relationships are kept up with big one-time fixes. They're kept up with regular maintenance, like a car. In our relationships, we have to make sure that not too much time goes by between oil changes, so to speak. This isn't to say that you shouldn't bother calling someone just because it's been a while since you've spoken; just that it's more ideal not to let yourself fall out of touch in the first place. Consistency always brings better results.





다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 22]

 How many of you have a hard time saying no? No matter what anyone asks of you, no matter how much of an inconvenience it poses for you, you do what they request. This is not a healthy way of living because by saying yes all the time you are building up emotions of inconvenience. You know what will happen in time? You will resent the person who you feel you cannot say no to because you no longer have control of your life and of what makes you happy. You are allowing someone else to have control over your life. When you are suppressed emotionally and constantly do things against  your own will, your stress will eat you up faster than you can count to three.


It is necessary to evaluate work and control your life.

If you can't refuse and lose control of your life, you get stressed.

It is advisable not to accept the other side's refusal emotionally

It is important to admit differences of individuals.

Most of the stress originates from excessive demands on the other person.

다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 29]

 Non-verbal communication is not a substitute for verbal communication. Rather, it should function as a supplement, serving to ________________________________. Non-verbal communication can be useful in situations where speaking may be impossible or inappropriate. Imagine you are in an uncomfortable position while talking to an individual. Non-verbal communication will help you get the message across to him or her to give you some time off the conversation to be comfortable again. Another advantage of non-verbal communication is that it offers you the opportunity to express emotions and attitudes properly. Without the aid of non-verbal communication, there are several aspects of your nature and personality that will not be adequately expressed. So, again, it does not substitute verbal communication but rather complements it.


distort the original meaning of the words

strengthen the content of what is being said

replace things that you can not express in words

weaken the richness of the content of the message

express emotions about the person you are talking to


다음 글의 내용을 문장으로 요약하고자 한다. 빈칸 (A), (B) 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 30]

 Intellectual humility is admitting you are human and there are limits to the knowledge you have. It involves recognizing that you possess cognitive and personal biases, and that your brain tends to see things in such a way that your opinions and viewpoints are favored above others. It is being willing to work to overcome those biases in order to be more objective and make informed decisions. People who display intellectual humility are more likely to be receptive to learning from others who think differently than they do. They tend to be well-liked and respected by others because they make it clear that they value what other people bring to the table. Intellectually humble people want to learn more and are open to finding information from a variety of sources. They are not interested in trying to appear or feel superior to others.

Intellectually humble people recognize that they have (A)____________ views, and are more likely to be open to (B)____________ different opinions and information.


     (A)   (B)

one-sided accepting

different ignoring

varied neglecting

similar respecting

unique receiving


주어진 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 31]

People engage in typical patterns of interaction based on the relationship between their roles and the roles of others.


(A) These expectations are so powerful that not meeting them may make the parents vulnerable to charges of negligence or abuse. Children, in turn, are expected to do as their parents say. Thus, interactions within a relationship are functions not only of the individual personalities of the people involved but also of the role requirements associated with the statuses they have.


(B) For instance, parents and children are linked by certain rights, privileges, and obligations. Parents are responsible for providing their children with the basic necessities of life - food, clothing, shelter, and so forth.


(C) Employers are expected to interact with employees in a certain way, as are doctors with patients. In each case, actions are restricted by the role responsibilities and obligations associated with individuals' positions within society.

*vulnerable 비난받기 쉬운 **negligence 태만

(A) - (B) - (C)     (A) - (C) - (B)

(B) - (C) - (A)     (C) - (A) - (B)

(C) - (B) - (A)


다음 글의 흐름으로 보아, 주어진 문장이 들어가기에 가장 적절한 곳은? [H1-1911 33]

In other words, their similarities are greater and more profound than their dissimilarities.


 Focusing on the differences among societies conceals a deeper reality. (A) Imagine studying two hills while standing on a ten-thousand-foot-high plateau. (B) Seen from your perspective, one hill appears to be three hundred feet high, and the other appears to be nine hundred feet. (C) This difference may seem large, and you might focus your attention on what local forces, such as erosion, account for the difference in size. (D) But this narrow perspective misses the opportunity to study the other, more significant geological forces that created what are actually two very similar mountains, one 10,300 feet high and the other 10,900 feet. (E) And when it comes to human societies, people have been standing on a ten-thousand-foot plateau, letting the differences among societies-mask the more overwhelming similarities.


A     B      C      D      E

다음 글의 괄호 (A), (B), (C) 안에서 문맥에 맞는 낱말로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 34]

 There is a famous Spanish proverb that says, "The belly rules the mind." This is a clinically proven fact. Food is the original mind-controlling drug. Every time we eat, we bombard our brains with a feast of chemicals, (A)[causing / eliminating] an explosive hormonal chain reaction that directly influences the way we think. Countless studies have shown that the positive emotional state induced by a good meal (B)[paralyzes / increases] our receptiveness to be persuaded. It triggers an instinctive desire to repay the provider. This is why executives regularly combine business meetings with meals, why lobbyists invite politicians to attend receptions, lunches, and dinners, and why major state occasions almost always (C)[include / exclude] an impressive banquet. Churchill called this "dining diplomacy," and sociologists have confirmed that this principle is a strong motivator across all human cultures.

*banquet 연회


       (A)           (B)              (C)

causing paralyzes     include

causing increases     include

causing paralyzes     exclude

eliminating increases     exclude

eliminating paralyzes     exclude




주어진 <조건> 보고, <보기> 단어들을 활용하여 다음 글의 밑줄 부분을 바르게 영작하시오. [H1-1911 36]


- 주어진 단어를 반드시 사용할

- 종속절에는 현재완료시제를 사용할

- 필요하면 단어를 추가하거나 변형하여 사용할



say / keep / already


 Making a small request that people will accept will naturally increase the chances of their accepting a bigger request afterwards. For instance, a salesperson might request you to sign a petition to prevent cruelty against animals. This is a very small request, and most people will do what the salesperson asks. After this, the salesperson asks you if you are interested in buying any cruelty-free cosmetics from their store. Given the fact that most people agree to the prior request to sign the petition, they will be more likely to purchase the cosmetics. They make such purchases because the salesperson takes advantage of a human tendency to be consistent in their words and actions. People want to be consistent. Thus, 그들이 이미 한번 그렇게 말했다면 계속 예라고 말할 것이다.

*petition 청원서


정답: They will ________________________________________



다음 글의 밑줄 부분 어법상 올바른 것은? [H1-1911 37]

 Many studies have shown that people's health and subjective well-being affect by ethnic relations. Members of minority groups in general have poor health outcomes than the majority group. But that difference remains even when obvious factors, such as social class and access to medical services are controlled for. This suggests that dominance relations have their own effect on people's health. How could that be the case? One possible answer is stress. From multiple physiological studies, we know that encounters with members of other ethnic-racial categories, even in the relatively safe environment of laboratories, triggering stress responses. Minority individuals have many encounters with majority individuals, each of which may trigger such responses. However minimal these effects may be, their frequency may increase total stress, that would account for part of the health disadvantage of minority individuals.




다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 39]

 You've probably heard the expression, "first impressions matter a lot". Life really doesn't give many people a second chance to make a good first impression. It has been determined that it takes only a few seconds for anyone to assess another individuals. This is very noticeable in recruitment processes, where top recruiters can predict the direction of their eventual decision on any candidate within a few seconds of introducing themselves. So, a candidate's CV may 'speak' knowledge and competence, but their appearance and introduction may tell of a lack of coordination, fear, and poor interpersonal skills. In this way, quick judgements are not only relevant in employment matters; they are equally applicable in love and relationship matters too. On a date with a wonderful somebody who you've painstakingly tracked down for months, subtle things like bad breath or wrinkled clothes may spoil your noble efforts.


First Impression : A Powerful Factor in Judging Others

Impressionists : Magicians for Lights and Colors

A-Z to Perfect First Impression

The Importance of Appearance

Tips for Great Job Interviews


다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? [H1-1911 40]

 The perception of the same amount of discount on a product can be varied by ___________________________. In one study, respondents were presented with a purchase situation. The persons put in the situation of buying calculator that cost $15 found out from the vendor that the same product was available in a different store 20 minutes away and at a promotional price of $10. In this case, 68% of respondents decided to make their way down to the store in order to save $5. In the second condition, which involved buying a jacket for $125, the respondents were also told that the same product was available in a store 20 minutes away and cost $120 there. This time, only 29% of the persons said that they would get the cheaper jacket. In both cases, the product was $5 cheaper, but in the first case, the amount was 1/3 of the price, and in the second, it was 1/25 of the price. What differed in both of these situations was the price context of the purchase.


its relation to the customers' preference

its relation to the local atmosphere

its relation to the market condition

its relation to the original price

its relation to the shop location





다음 글을 읽고, 물음에 답하시오. [H1-1911 41]

 Behavioral ecologists have observed clever copying behavior among many of our close animal relatives. One example was uncovered by behavioral ecologists studying the behavior of a small Australian animal called the quoll. Its survival was being threatened by the cane toad, an invasive species introduced to Australia in the 1930s. To a quoll, these toads look as tasty as they are poisonous, and the quolls who ate them suffered fatal consequences at a speedy rate. Behavioral ecologists identified a clever solution. 주머니고양이들의 모방하는 본능들을 이용함으로써. Scientists fed small groups of quolls toad sausages containing harmless but nausea-inducing chemicals, conditioning them to avoid the toads. Groups of these 'toad-smart' quolls were then released back into the wild: they taught their own offspring (A)what they'd learned. Other quolls copied these constructive behaviors through a process of social learning. As each baby quoll learned to keep away from the hazardous toads, the chances of the survival of the whole quoll species - and not just that of each individual quoll - were improved. Minimal human interference saved the quolls, 주머니고양이들의 모방하는 본능들을 이용함으로써.

*nausea 메스꺼움



글을 읽고, 주어진 <조건> 보고 <보기> 단어들을 활용하여 밑줄 부분을 바르게 영작하시오. 


- 주어진 단어를 반드시 사용할

- 명사는 복수형을 사용할

- 필요하면 단어를 추가하거나 변형하여 사용할



imitate / instincts / use


정답: by ________________________________________.


글의 (A)what they'd learned 의미하는 것을 must not 반드시 활용하여 쓰시오.

정답: The quolls must not ___________________________.

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